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Unimagik is a 6-8 Week Program(depending on what is needed collectively)- Starting on October 1, 2018 that will throw you into Soul Flow. From pain to flow, from unconscious to conscious. This is for those of you wanting to surrender and hear what the pain is showing you, who are ready to rise with your gifts, and are ready to stop the struggle. 

This is the program that will give you tangible tools to learn how to find the emotional freedom, flow, and fulfillment your desire in your life. These are the foundational tools of self mastery, alchemist energies, and using the ego as a communication system from your higher self. If you WANT to know how your gifts work, what your purpose is, and make an impact on this work you're going to need this foundation to be able to communicate with your higher self. Yes, thats right.. imagine a life where you're able to access and vibe from your higher self AT ALL TIMES no matter what external factor is happening outside of you.

Heres the breakdown:

-Understanding the healers Journey: You're here to rise, to use your gifts for collective consciousness, to heal, to contribute, to serve. From the MOMENT you entered the physical realm you have been training, its now time to understand what you're here to do & what you've been training for.

-Desires: Tapping into your desires and getting on the fastest current to the magic zone. Well cover Law of Attraction, strategic intuitive ways to navigate your way to this manifestation, and create a foundation of FLOW in your life.

-What the Fog? You're fogged AF. Social norms, the way you were raised, triggers EVERYWHERE. I'll be showing you the fog your living in, how to clear it, and exactly HOW it is actings as a GPS system from your higher self. 

- WHOLENESS- we'll also be pulling in all the wounded fragmented pieces for your lifetime. When the fog has lifted and you're sitting in this space you WILL HEAR YOUR GIFTS MORE CLEARLY. Not gifted? This is still for you because were all fogged AF;) If you want to get to your desire of a life of freedom, fulfillment, and flow you MUST have the tools to understand wtf the universe is trying to show you.

Alignment- Im digging into your soul, to find what you truly value when fear is not present. You will have an entire tool belt to slay fear and fog which will ALLOW you to hear your soul. The days of regrets and not knowing what to do will be OVER. You're going to know exactly who you are, what you stand for, and what alignment looks like. NO MORE "omg I'm in so much pain what do I need to do"... nope, its "What is this showing me, heres how I am choosing to react"... IN YOUR POWER of alignment forever!

This will be a 6 week (at your pace) program delivered in a VIP Facebook group and Emails, it includes:

-Recorded videos to deliver each tool and concepts which include:

  • Healers Journey

  • Soul Flow & Manifestation

  • Understanding your Fog AF Conditioning

  • Clearing the FOGGED Rose colored glasses and seeing truth

  • What the trigger-> Understanding what the triggers are showing you and how to FLOW through them

  • Wholeness-> Finding your higher self, resonating at soul, and alchemizing the FUCK out of your pain. #paintowholness

  • Soul Values Alignment

  • Holding HER Power- Staying in your power no matter WHAT life sends you.

- Workbooks to Help you get Shifty: After the tools are understood its time for YOU to get shifty and use them to throw your soul into FLOW.

-Live VIP channels from me, Q & A, etc. This is where you'll be able to use my channeling gifts to help you see your purpose, fog, and blocks ;)

- A VIP group of others going through exactly what you are.

This program is not like most programs, Im going to give you the opportunity and tools to dive into your shadow. To bring light to the dark, and to allow you to be prepared to rise. 


PAID IN FULL $1111.00

Monthly payments: 2 payments of $555.

*There is also a payment plan of 99$ per month for 12 months- please email me for this option.

Questions? email me: www.lifecoachsarahmarie@gmail.com 

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