It's about learning how to love ALL of you!!

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You are MAGIC

Don't ever apologize for the fire in YOU!!!


Hi loves, for those of you that don’t know me and my story I am an intuitive medium and emotional freedom coach.

Ever since I was little I heard my inner voice tell me I was meant to make a big difference in this world.  I had a really ideal childhood but always suffered from extreme anxiety. Throughout high school I spiraled and tried literally anything I could to run from my anxiety, everything from an eating disorder to drugs. Flash forward to becoming a wife and mother and I completely hit my rock bottom. I suffered from panic attacks, depression, feelings of being overwhelmed and heard everyone around me tell me I was overly emotional and too sensitive.

There was a moment when I looked in the mirror and could feel my energy as pure chaos; I would have rather jumped out of my own skin then live another moment feeling like I “couldn’t handle life”.

From that moment on I decided I was going to dedicate my life to that little spark of fire in my gut telling me I was meant for more. I decided to engulf myself into self-mastery, because the only other option I saw was to continue to suffer: and I was DONE suffering.

5 years of therapy, 4 life coaches, countless energy healers, 2 bachelor’s degrees, 100’s of books, embracing my mediumship, life coaching school and investing over $100,000 into my personal development path, I have broken free from my own hell.

I learned that all the answers I was searching for were within me, I just didn’t have to tools to access them. The human experience completely fogged me from my divine guidance. I have learned to tap into my spiritual gifts, clear the conditioning, and embrace the healing gifts I was given. 

Working with me as a coach is unique because I use my intuitive messages from spirit to guide my clients to their own emotional freedom. Once my clients have gained emotional freedom, they are able to tap into their spiritual gifts, know how to use them and they can start making the huge impact their souls are meant to make.